How To Throw A Cool Baby Shower For A New Dad

Becoming a father is always a cause for a celebration when a baby is on the way. A baby shower designed for the new dad is a great way to let loose and let the new dad know that there is help available whenever he needs it; it will also let him die-stress if you do the party right. Here are some tips for you to consider when organizing the celebratory event and making sure that it goes well and true to the purpose.
Send out an innovative invitation
When it comes to dads, the general census is that whenever the new mommy is not around they go crazy with the kid. So make sure that the invitation reflects the cool and sweet side that any dad has. You can always go for some dulled down tones and add a joke about alcohol and babies in there somewhere. But the critical point is to keep it simple and keep it straight so that you can get the gist of the invitation with one look.

Food and drinks
There are no limits to home bakers that live down any doorstep nowadays; so make sure to pinpoint the nearest one to the party venue and go creative with the food decorations and menu items. You can go for themes like video games, sports, mustaches, bowties, geeky things and other things that the soon-to-be dad is into. Go for food that the invitees will enjoy, and keep it simple like a BBQ, steak, beer, burgers and hotdogs and et cetera. Since there will be alcohol involved, easy to grab and stuff down food items are recommended.
Baby gambling (trying to pick the date of the birth), kid’s TV show trivia (so he can get sued to what’s on TV that’s baby friendly), diaper changing competition, are some of the fun games to play on the baby shower.
Gift giving
Go for innovative gifts like talking baby monitors or sentimental and traditional ones like a special Taimaobi. Gift giving time will be the best time to give the dad things to help him get through the tough times of being a parent.
This traditional method will be a great way to give him a surprise since the traditional is relatively unknown by unique baby gift. You can go for other crazy ideas like a drone to keep watch of the baby, a baby hair brush, diaper bag toolkit, or a leash to keep the kid tied to him when he or she learns to walk.
Keep the event as simple as you can, and always make sure that it stays baby related or it will end up becoming just another party. You can also integrate the mom into it sometime in the middle