Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

Once you have opted for a car lease and are still paying for your vehicle one thing that you do not want to do is mess it up! So here are some tips to keep your car all clean and shiny:

Do Not Eat In the CarAn easy way to keep the car clean is not to consume any food in it. You will then not have to deal with wrappers, cartons, cans or bottles. The garbage that can collect in the car when you start eating in it is tremendous. If you badly need to have a snack, always choose to stop by and consume it. This way you will throw away the garbage immediately and not let it collect in your vehicle.

Dust Your ShoesAfter you lease a car in Singapore a great way to keep the car clean is to dust your shoes from snow and mud before you get in. This does not mean that you have to undertake some serious cleaning, all you need to do it just knock your boots or shoes on the outside of the car. You will definitely be amazed at the amount of dirt and snow that can come off by just doing this step.

Clean Up ImmediatelyWhether it’s a stain or a mess make it a habit to clean it immediately. This not only helps to completely remove the stain but it also helps to avoid messes building up. Dried up stains and collected garbage is definitely going to be difficult to clean and can keep piling up too! Especially if your car was given to you under a corporate car leasing agreement you definitely don’t want to mess it up!

Have a GarageIt might not be possible in all cases, but if you can make space for a garage it will indeed make cleaning easier for you. It will protect that car from the downpours of Mother Nature that can make the car quite muddy and hard to clean. A garage will help not only with the different weather conditions but it can also save your car from birds.

Simply ideas like having a trash bag in the vehicle and maintaining a routine in washing your car can help you maintain the car well. After spending valuable money on the car in the form of lease payments, you wouldn’t want it in a horrible state by the end of the lease period right?