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In this world earning money is a really challenging task, however each and every one on this earth are facing this challenge and fighting for living every day. Why would people need money for living? It may be seems as a very stupid question but we should really consider and know the context and basic of Why. Money is a medium of exchanging products and services. Moreover it helps to value the or rather scale them for a specific value scale which will help us to exchange our day to day essentials and in terms of government perspective it allows to show a country’s economic growth and development.

Any person who is going for a job or rather a person who is employed will earn his or her salary on a monthly basis or daily basis. In this developing world human needs are unlimited and it is kind of uncontrollable due to various reasons. Do you really think a middle class person could afford all the expenses he might have? If he or she is a person who is living alone of course we could think that it is kind of manageable as there will be less expenses when compared to a family. However, a person who is having family, meaning including kids, he or she might not be able to fulfill all their expectations from an average monthly or daily salary.

What are the feasible option which a person who is earning average salary could go for when it comes to urgent financial needs or when he or she wanted to build their own house or to buy a dream car? The best option they could think of nowadays is going for a personal loan. So the next question comes from whom they could take a personal credit? What are the advantages and disadvantages this option could have and whether it is really worth to go for a load rather than saving some money and invest on what we require when we have our account filled?

The answer for, to where to get personal loan  in Singpaore is to go for a law interest financial company. These financial companies are not charity organization which lends money for charity purposes, it is a chain of business which invests money for various things and maintains a huge cash flow within the organization. How would these financial companies earn money? Or in other words profits.

For loans, the interest that they take is their profit, which mean for an example if your take a personal mortgage of 1000 AUD for the interest of 10% per annum for five years, at the end of the load settlement when we calculate, you would have paid the financial company 1500 AUD at the end of the last fifth year. So that additional 500 AUD is their profit.