The Simplest Ways To Make Your Mobile Phone Work Faster

If someone had told us around a half decade back that we’d come to depend so heavily on our mobile phones one day, we might have laughed at them. After all, how were we to know that it’ll replace everything from our alarm clocks, notepads, cameras, music player, to even our laptops? But regardless, it’s a fact that this is very true.
And as true as it is that we rely heavily on it, it’s also a fact that most of us have a problem with our mobile phones one way or the other. Storage, quality, and speed are few of the most common problems. Now, we know that most people are pretty app savvy and know just how to customize their phones (and what phone exactly to buy) in order to get the maximum use from their device. But here are a few basic and simple things that most people oversee when it comes to making their phones faster and less prone to glitch.
Close those apps.
Multi-tasking is proving to be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to mobile phones. Often, we end up using so many apps, we forget that we don’t close it completely, leaving them running in the background. This, without a doubt, will slow down your mobile phone. Take the time every few hours to clear your background tabs. Trust us, this might not seem like much of a tip, but it makes a difference.
Keep an eye on the storage.
Most phones now-a-days come with good external memory. But even so, with how much work we get done in our phones, and how much we save in it, it’s always a good idea to invest on a micro SD card. Just remember, if your phone doesn’t automatically save your pictures and data into your memory card, you might have to remember to do it manually from time to time.
Delete those unused apps.
We often download an app or two, only to forget all about it after a while. As much help as a 32GB SD card would do to your phone, there’s just no point in carrying around extra apps that’ll weigh down your memory and inadvertently slow down your device. Remember to regularly clear out the apps that you haven’t used in months.
Clean it out.
Take the time to get familiar with a cleaner app. There are many successful ones out there that help clear junk files, viruses, ad junk and internet cookies. Using one regularly can help you make your phone faster and also temporarily boost it. Trust us, this is one app every phone should have…