How To Save Your Furniture And Valued Things

Let’s admit it, the moment you hear the words “home renovations”, we bet you got a headache started. And then when we add in the word “major” to it, that headache begins to slowly, slowly grow. And we completely understand it. After all, all that dust, all that money and all that cleaning…we feel you.

But apart from major home renovations causing a huge mess, and costing you big money, they also have a nasty way of damaging your furniture and other valued things. If you’re planning a major home renovation anytime soon, and if you’re worried about your valued possessions, then the bellow tips are just for you.

Why keep it there when you know it’s going to get messy?
If you have any particular possession you are worried about, be that it may be stolen or damaged, then the best solution we have for you is to move it out temporarily. Let’s not forget that some renovation sites are very much prone to catching fire as well. So, either move it to a trusted friend’s house, a bank locker, or hire a short term storage room if dust is the only thing you’re worried about.

Cover all the grounds
Sometimes, rent storage space in Singapore doesn’t really solve your problem. Sometimes, your valued things are just a little too large for a locker, or too delicate to take it out of your home. In this case, try your best to shield it from harm. Isolate the area that is to be renovated; and select a room furthest from it to store your valued things. Avoid using or even entering this room during the entire process. Even within this closed off room, remember to cover it up with old bed sheets or plastic sheets. Don’t forget to put up fire and smoke alarms in the constructing area.

Seal off the renovating area
Speak to your construction workers and let them know about your worries. Ask them to seal off the constructing area using zip wall or other dust proof methods. Allot separate entrance and exit to the area, making sure to not drag the dust back inside your home. Ask them, if possible, to do the dust gathering work (like sawing wood) away from the main house. You’d be surprised at how supportive they can be if you explain your concerns.

Apart from all this, if possible remove your most important “valuable”, your family, away from the construction. The dust and fumes can be very harmful for children or pregnant women. Dust is also an asthma trigger for some people. Why take a chance with it? send them off to a holiday, or move them away to a friend’s or family member’s place until at least most of the construction is done…