Gift Ideas For The Health Freak

We all know someone like this: he/she knows the average number of calories in all common dishes; they work out an insane number of hours; they subscribe to many (if not all) healthy food trends; and they are obsessed about their health. As long as they don’t push the envelope on the “freak” bit, they should be fine. They are also notoriously easy to shop for, as they will be delighted with anything and everything health- and healthy-related. Here are some ideas:

Health through ExerciseNothing would make them happier than a lifelong gym membership in Singapore, particularly to one that they cannot afford themselves. If you cannot either, then consider a year-long membership to a really good one, or a life membership to an ok one.

Not only will this allow them to pursue their health goals through safe and supervised exercising, it will also make them permanently indebted to you for this magnificent gift. Do not forget to call in the favour.

Health through GuidanceThis is a more serious gift: getting them, or putting them in touch with, a personal trainer. This is important especially if you think your friend might end up damaging their health with their belief in fads and trends. A trainer will be educated and aware about health norms and can guide your friend in the right direction. They will bust myths, help with diets if necessary and give general encouragement and support for healthy lifestyle choices.

Health through FoodThe possibilities here are endless: “health” food cook books, food guides, actual foods like expensive fruits and herbs, a potted herb, a juicer, a grinder, a mortar and pestle with which he/she can make their own spices, sauces and marinades etc. Most health freaks are very specific about their diet. Spare a thought for their idiosyncrasies and buy them something they have been craving or something you know they need but haven’t gotten around to buying yet. Of course, special delicacies that they cannot get easily are always appreciated too.

Enabling HealthAnything that will help them exercise or make healthy food will also be a great gift. For instance, if your friend has been wearing the same pair of sweats to the gym for more than 6 months, then spring for some branded sportswear that he/she can take pride in. Buy them some good shoes or other sports wear like T shirts and shorts. Even branded socks are a good idea. If you feel your friend has health issues like vitamin deficiencies, then schedule an appointment with a nutritionist to take your friend to see them.